GMac Samples

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On this page, you will find links to GMac code samples to help you start using GMac for your own projects. The samples include

  • GMacDSL samples illustrating the capabilities of GA-based modeling with GMacDSL. These samples will be the base for other GMac Scripting samples for GA-based algorithm prototyping, and GMacAPI samples for structured code composition.
  • GMac Scripting samples will show you how to prototype your GA algorithms using the GMacDSL code you created and compiled into GMacAST structures. After that, you can use GMacAPI for efficient code composition based on your GA algorithm prototype.
  • GMacAPI samples illustrate the advanced code composition capabilities of GMac. These samples can be used as starting points for creating your own geometric computing libraries based on the powerful mathematics of geometric algebra.

GMacDSL Samples



GMac Scripting Samples


GMacAPI Samples