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GMac, short for “Geometric Macro“, is a .NET based software system that allows implementing geometric models and algorithms based on Geometric Algebra (GA) in arbitrary target programming languages.

The core part of GMac is the GMacCompiler, a transcompiler or source-to-source translator that accepts code written in a simple high-level domain-specific language (GMacDSL), and can be configured using classes in the GMacAPI to output very efficient low-level code in any desired target programming language. The ultimate goal behind creating GMac is to allow Geometric Computing (GC) implementations to be as flexible, organized, and efficient as possible. Although GMac is originally created using C#, it can be configured to generate a set of textual code files in any desired structure using the TextComposerLib components accessible through any .NET language including C++, C#, VB.NET, F#, and IronPython among others. For more detailed information you can read the GMac Guides on this site.

GMac comes in 3 editions: GMac Free, GMac Basic, and GMac Complete. The GMac Free edition is free for non-commercial use while the GMac Basic and GMac Complete editions require buying a license to use either of them. All 3 editions are identical except for the following features:

GMac Editions Features

Different Features between the 3 GMac Editions

You can review the main features of GMac and download the latest version of GMac Free or a full-featured 21-days trial of GMac Basic and GMac Complete from this page.

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